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Keep your eye on this wiki, for you are about to learn about of one of the most best-loved game shows of all time, where contestants with the help of their celebrity partners play a word communication game for a chance to win lots of money, in less than a minute.

Ladies & Gentlemen, from wikia.com on the internet, this is the Pyramid Wiki.

The Pyramid Wiki is all about the TV game show Pyramid, which has come a long way and has quite a history.

The show was created by Bob Stewart who was also responsible for creating the Goodson-Todman game show Password, along with other popular and not-so-popular game shows.

Even though the show had different hosts, the host who hosted the show more often than others was none other than America's oldest teenager, Dick Clark. He hosted the show while hosting ABC's American Bandstand.

The rules were simple: The object of the game is to win your way into the winner's circle and face the giant pyramid board for big cash prizes. But in order to get there, you must score the most points and you score points by describing and/or guessing everyday items & people from six different categories arranged in a pyramid.

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